Studies to observe the natural occurrence of Triops

Various studies have been conducted to observe the natural occurrence of Triops. A particular study in Australia revealed that Triops are widely spread among the states except for Tasmania. In the area of New South Wales, they occur mainly in summer and autumn. On the other hand, in the Northern Territory there were collections of Triops all throughout the seasons. Such extensive dispersal of Triops in Australia, as said in the study, is primarily due to the eggs’ small size and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Furthermore, another study conducted in Denmark concluded that the Triops have ‘a remarkable ability to colonize new areas and have drought resistant eggs that can stay dormant for decades’ (Damgaard & Olesen, 1998). However, apart from natural season change, their temporary habitats are increasingly affected and even destroyed by simulated interventions such as urban development and pollution.

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