Triops - Eggs are the key to their survival

Do you know what Triops are? Well, if you don't have any idea, you've come to the right place. Triops are sometimes referred to as shield, dinosaur, or tadpole shrimp. These are small crustaceans found mostly in brackish or freshwater. These small creatures belong to the Branchiopoda group. You can get them in toy and pet shops and some sellers call them 'living fossils'. The kits of these Triops look like 'Sea-Monkey'.

As mentioned earlier, the Triops are also called dinosaur shrimps. The nickname suits them perfectly since the small crustaceans remained unchanged for about 220 millions years now. In fact, the Triops Cancriformis is the oldest living animal specie known today and their fossils date back as far as Carboniferous Paleozoic. So this only means that when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Triops already existed.

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