The Future of Triops

With the ongoing trend of human interventions, surviving 200 million years on earth does not inevitably guarantee the Triops 200 million more. As what may probably be known, without proper awareness these ‘living dinosaurs’ do have an expiration date. All the more does it get worse with the uproar of land conversion all throughout the areas where they are naturally found. Varying destructive physical interventions from agricultural expansion to urbanization give the Triops lesser chances for habitation.

In lieu of this, efforts have already been started to protect and preserve these ‘living fossils’ which primarily are known as the oldest surviving organism we have today. Such efforts are clearly seen in Austria where protection initiatives have been made for a large branchiopod site. This site, commonly known as ‘Blumengang’ site, houses six large branchiopod species, among of which is Triops.

Triops are seemingly very remarkable entities. The opportunity to still have them lurking in our earth today makes it even more imperative to protect and preserve them. Being the oldest living animal to date, they only deserve the much needed attention and protection from all of us.

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