Instant Pets at Home

Triops (Triops longicaudatus) are prehistoric species that were already present during the Triassic Period. They are freshwater crustacean and belong to the phylum Arthropoda. Their bodies are characterized by three segments: the head, thorax and abdomen. They have three eyes, a shell-like carapace that covers most of its thorax and two large filaments along its abdomen.

Even though they have been in existence for such a long time, not much has changed with their biological make-up. With an overwhelming age of over 200 million years old here on earth, it is but certain that the Triops are the living dinosaurs of our time.

For most people, when talking about pets, usually dogs, cats and fish are the animals that automatically register into their minds. It may imply to people that having to take care of pets always includes fury and domesticated animals. However, such may not always be the case. It may be a wild and extreme idea, but in actuality Triops can indeed make great pets for all ages.

There are several reasons Triops are great companions at home. With readily available resources, raising Triops is very simple and reasonably affordable.

Essentially taking care of Triops requires low maintenance for the owner. In order to keep them healthy, the owner must feed them only every two days and clean their tanks at least every two weeks to prevent bacteria infestation. Furthermore, if the tank does not have artificial oxygen, plants may very well do the job of circulating oxygen inside the water.

Taking care of Triops also brings benefits to their owner. Triops are animals which thrive on mosquito larvae. Having them at home helps in the reduction of mosquito related diseases such as malaria and dengue.

In addition, raising these ‘living dinosaurs’ at home is a great way for educating people especially children. With the fast paced turn of technology in our world, raising Triops in homes is a brilliant technique to get children hooked on the natural sciences. They are able to learn firsthand how nature truly works and the wonder behind its process. Also, they are able to observe up close the development of a certain organism, which is less likely being taught at schools.

When starting, a person must know that it is very simple to raise Triops. Packets of Triops eggs as well as their food are available online. A tank with at least a gallon of distilled or spring water may very well be perfect as their homes. Before adding the eggs, make sure that the water is 22 degrees Celsius and has enough light. It is a must not to place the tank in direct sun light.

Triops eggs are very tiny and may spill easily, so while putting them inside the tank, extra precaution must be made. Wait at least 18 to 24 hours for the eggs to hatch. Make sure that the tank is always warm. When nighttime arrives, a lamp beside the tank may do as a heat provider.

After three days when most of the Triops eggs have hatched, the water temperature can already be raised to 25 degrees Celsius. The packet of Triops eggs usually come with food pellets so feed them those. In any case, tropical fish pellets may also be substitutes as food, as long as they are not goldfish pellets. Before spreading these pellets into the water, crush them first using a spoon.

Feed the Triops once a day until they are five days old. During that time, they can be fed only every two days. After their seventh day, they can already be fed full pellets. Do not be alarmed if the plants inside the tank or even leftover eggs are consumed since Triops normally eat them as well.

At some point, adjustments have to be made to better tend to the Triops. Varying their food once in a while helps in keeping their enthusiasm and eventually results to a better diet. To avoid competition for space, it is also advisable to transfer them to bigger tanks when they have already outgrown the small ones.

With proper care, Triops can live as long as three months and grow at least up to two inches in length. Like most unusual pets, Triops have the ability to surprise its owner on how enjoyable and exciting it actually is to raise them. These instant pets may very well be the ally that is great for every home.

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