Preparing the Appropriate Habitat for Triops

Why is it that so many people want to have Triops as pets? For one, keeping Triops is not costly. Some individuals prefer to put Triops together with fish in a tank or aquarium because these crustaceans can maintain the cleanliness of the substrate. You see, Triops eat almost anything that they bump into. Triops donít swim to the surface much and they usually stay at the bottom of the tank looking for food.

Now that youíve decided to get Triops, itís time to consider its habitat. The Triops are freshwater crustaceans and since you will be isolating them from their natural habitat, you need to ensure that you provide for all its needs. A container that can hold about 0.5 gal or two liters of water may be enough to raise healthy Triops but you can also get larger tanks if like. Any container and tank will do as long as it can provide the basic requirements.

Among the basic requirements are as follows:

  1. You need to ensure that the container or tank is not toxic for Triops
  2. The surface of the tank or container should allow easy break up of oxygen
  3. The water's volume should also be sufficient so that Triops can easily extract the needed oxygen from the water

You need to consider these basic requirements carefully.

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