Habitat for Triops: Water Volume

The water volume is another consideration. Triops need to extract oxygen from the water and so the volume of water should be huge enough. The temperature can affect the oxygen content of water. Cold water can hold more oxygen and so warmer water can hold less oxygen. But did you know that Triops prefer warm water? The ideal temperature for Triops to survive is 22C so that they can thrive. Enough volume of water is needed for each triop so that they will not crowd. As the Triops grow, more water volume is needed.

No one wants to live in a crowded area. This is also true with Triops. Triops can get stressed when the water is crowded. Since Triops dont swim to the surface much, it prefers to stay at the bottom of the container or tank. The bottom surface should have enough space for the Triops to move and dig around. The larger the area underwater, the better; for every adult Triops, 200cm of area is required.

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