Habitat for Triops: Ideal Containers

If you have 5 liter bottled water, you can use the container for preparing the habitat for Triops. You need to cut the top portion of the container so that it will have a larger water surface area.

For those with large jars of peanut butter and jam, you can also use such container.

Use your imagination so that you can determine the best containers for your Triops. The freezer or microwave storage containers are also ideal. You can get these containers from grocery stores and supermarket.

You need to keep in mind that Triops may die in a stressed environment. You can determine if the Triops are stressed and donít get much oxygen. Observe your Triops. When these small creatures are always going to the surface with their backs on top, it only means that the water doesnít have enough oxygen for them to breathe. Some may be feeding on food particles found on the water surface but if this happens frequently, take it as a warning sign.

At times, when you purchase Triops, it already comes with a small container. When your Triops are already a week-old, they may start laying eggs and so you will need an even bigger container. If you really love to take care of Triops, then you should be prepared to give it an appropriate habitat.

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