Habitat for Triops: Toxicity and Containers

Plastic containers may sound good and convenient but you need to consider the toxicity over time. You see, toxic chemicals can leak and may kill the Triops. For the purposes of storing food, suitable plastics are being used like that of polyethylene and polypropylene. When shopping for plastics, you can check the bottom portion for special marks. You should get this type of plastic to protect your Triops from toxicity. Such containers are widely available in supermarkets and stores. Such plastics are also affordable and you can already get them at a reasonable price.

When plastics were used for chemicals, paint, or soap, itís not a good idea to use it again because after some time, the chemicals will leak into the water. The safest and most ideal container is made of glass or the plastics mentioned earlier. Shop for plastic containers or for glass tanks.

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