Caring of Triops: Container to Use

Choose your container wisely. Pick a container that can hold either liquids or food items. The container may be plastic or glass but just make sure that light can pass through it. Clean the container thoroughly. Do not use soap. If youíre able to leave soap residue in the container, the Triops might die because soap is a toxic substance. For those with fish tanks, the better, but if you donít have any, you can always use your pickle jars.

Basically, the Triops are considered as benthic dwellers. Instead of swimming in open water, Triops prefer to stay at the containerís bottom searching for goodies. Depth is not really important so you need to give particular attention to the width and length dimensions. So if youíre stuck with two choices Ė say a long aquarium and a high one, you need to pick the long aquarium.

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