Caring of Triops: Container Size

The minimum size of container that is suitable for Triops is one gallon or about four liters. To ensure the finest population density of Triops, this size is required. However, if you donít have a container that can hold a gallon of water, you can settle with the smaller containers. There is nothing to worry about but the Triops will simply be smaller and the eggs being laid by the Triops will also be reduced; still, you can have healthy Triops.

When food is readily available, Triops won't harm other Triops even if they are of the same size. Triops can live until they have already reached their 'old age'. Despite the high density of Triops in the container, survivability is not affected.

Between the second and third weeks, die off may occur because of resource competition but after that, the Triops will have a comfy population density.

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