Triops are Crop Helpers

Triops are crop helpers especially in Japan for the rice farmers. The techniques used in farming in this country are different from those used in the US or in Europe. The rice is usually grown first in small plantations or plantings and later on, it is transplanted into paddies. Since the transplanted rice plants are already big enough, the Triops wonít be able to uproot them.

In this case, Triops tend to help the rice grow healthier. The Triops tend to eat the fungus found on the stems of the plants and the second one is that the Triops are able to control the weeds. Weeds canít grow in the rice plantations since the Triops eat their roots and leaves while still small.

The Japanese spent a considerable time in studying the Triops and how these minute animals can help rice farming. Because of this, the farmers tend to keep the pH of the rice plantations at a lethal range.

Researches revealed that organic rice farming does not allow the existence of Triops as compared to the plantations using chemical fertilizers. Since the pH of the organic rice farms is only within the 4.0 to 6.0 range, it was increased with the use of garden lime so that Triops can live in the plantation.

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