Breeding Triops

Growing Triops in tanks may also require you to use water conditioners which look like tea bags. In using them, simply put them inside the tank and make sure that they are perfectly intact. Leave them in the water for at least eight days. The water conditioner provides sufficient nutrients the Triops need for further their development.

On the eighth day, you can already remove the water conditioner but make sure not to touch it. For sanitary purposes, you can use a disposable spoon or cup in removing it and disposing it properly in the trash.

Make sure to be always vigilant while the Triops are in their hatching and early stages. Always make sure to monitor the water's temperature and the cleanliness of the tank. You can change the water in the tank as often as needed for the water to be always clear. Moreover, having a combination of natural and artificial light on a regular basis help optimize the development of Triops.

More importantly, the use insecticides should be avoided in growing your Triops. Even room sprays and cleaning fluids may cause chemical reactions with the water and eventually poison the Triops themselves. Also, you should monitor the food that your pets are eating. The packets of Triop eggs usually come with food pellets so you can use these in feeding them. However, in instances that you run out of these pellets, you can opt for other means such as tropical and flake fish food. Only make sure that you do not feed with them goldfish pellets. Also, make sure that you do not over feed your pets since uneaten pellets may only accumulate inside your tank.

There are instances when not all the eggs that you put inside the tank hatch at the same time. This is so because the Triops are clever organisms. Their eggs are specifically designed not to hatch at the same time. Such mechanism saves them from the probability of overpopulating their habitat. If such thing will occur, they may eventually die. Delaying their hatching actually optimizes their survival in any given habitat.

In any way, hatching and breeding your Triops is practically an easy and enjoyable adventure. Having them inside homes gives people the feeling of living with primitive animals; animals which are as primitive as the dinosaurs of the early world.

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