Life Cycle

The tadpole shrimps are developed into a complete adult in 2 days and they usually live for about 20-90 days. The lives of them depend on the changing temperature of the water they have inhabited. They stay inside the egg during the dry season and when the pool is filled with the rain water, they hatch and feed on the invertebrates in the pool.

The first larva stage, called metanauplius is orange in color. Unlike, the adult it has only a single eye and six legs. The growth stages are called as instars and at the end of each stage it will shed out the exoskeleton. The number of segments and the limbs will increase as the tadpole grows and the color would change from orange to grayish brown.

The tadpole attains complete growth usually from 24-48 hours and after a period of 8 days the tadpoles will attain maturity and will be able to lay eggs. The life of the adult tadpoles depends on the water in the pool. They die as soon as the pool ends up.

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