Diapause and Technology

As technology catches up with nature, diapause is seen as something greater than simply the wonder of stopping an egg’s development. Through continuous studies and experimentation, diapause can be applied in other fields which eventually can offer solutions to various problems.

Organisms such as the killifish which consume mosquito larvae can easily be transported to mosquito-infested countries. When these organisms are introduced in their new environment, they can help decrease or even abolish the spread of mosquitoes and the diseases associated with them. Ultimately, with the proper knowledge of diapause, it can help eradicate diseases such as malaria and even AIDS which are rampant in third world countries. It may be a long shot but it is but a big leap for society.

In a different light, researches can even be made on planetary travel. When successfully applied to travelers and even astronauts, diapause can aid them to survive long periods of voyage. Diapause can enable their bodies to undergo slower metabolism and also help them survive a confined environment.

In addition, with sufficient understanding of its process, diapause can be applied to human medicine and help treat various chronic diseases. If successful, diapause may be the answer to the age-long fight for cancer. With the ability to put cells into suspension, it may be possible for the growth of cancer cells to be reversed or even stopped.

Such a remarkable natural phenomenon like diapause must not be taken lightly. And true enough, it has gained its fame in its own right. Hopefully, diapause researchers can gain full understanding of its make-up and develop ways in order to help the human race.

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